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At Taxes and Beyond, we understand the weight of tax-related burdens. Our mission is to provide you with unparalleled solutions for your federal and state tax situations.


With our dedicated team of experts, we negotiate directly with the IRS and State on your behalf, ensuring the best possible outcomes and IRS tax relief for you. We meet with them twice a year to ensure that we keep them up-to-date with all the changes that do occur in the tax law.


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IRS Enrolled Agent Oregon

settle your irs debt for a fraction owed

IRS Enrolled Agent Oregon

Remove irs tax liens, interest charges and penalties

Individual Tax Preparation Salem

prevent or stop wage garnishments, property seizures, and bank levies

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1. Settle Your IRS Tax Debt for a Fraction Owed: 

   Say goodbye to the stress of overwhelming tax debt. We specialize in negotiating settlements with the IRS to significantly reduce the amount you owe.

2. Remove Interest Charges and Penalties: 

   High interest charges and penalties can inflate your tax debt. Let our experts work to eliminate these charges, reducing your overall burden.

3. Prevent or Stop Wage Garnishments: 

   Protect your income from wage garnishments. Our team takes swift action to prevent or halt these actions, ensuring your financial stability.

4. Remove IRS Tax Liens:

Regain control of your finances by removing IRS tax liens. We specialize in freeing your assets from encumbrances.

Why Choose Taxes and Beyond?

Expert Negotiators

  Our team comprises skilled negotiators experienced in handling IRS and State tax issues.

Personalized Solutions

  We tailor our services to your unique tax situation, ensuring a custom-fit solution for your needs.

Proven Track Record

  Years of successful tax resolution cases, providing relief to numerous clients.

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