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Confused about your taxable income?

My name is Michael G Chenault, I am the owner of MGChenault and Associates based in Salem, Oregon.
I am an Enrolled Agent and Licensed Tax Consultant in good standing with the Internal Revenue Service and the Oregon Board of Tax Practitioners.

I have assisted a number of the Barona tribal members who were caught off guard when they received a 1099-Miscellaneous Tax Form.
*Now faced with the responsibility of having to pay income tax on the money that was given to your families to help pay for household expenses. *

I have found a remedy to correct this problem.

No matter which category you are:

  1. Reported the additional income on your 2021 Federal Tax Return.
  2. Filed your 2021 Tax and didn't include the additional income on your 2021 Tax Return.
  3. Decided to have the taxes withheld and only received what remained.

No matter what your case may be, I will be able to help you recover money that you should not have had to pay taxes on.
The steps are very simple and I stand behind the solution I offer for this issue.

As per IRS regulations because of the way the money was to be used it is not taxable income to you and your family.

We have a secure system to receive your tax documents and process your refund.

Please feel free to call or email me at

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